GROW Healthy Kids

GROW Healthy Kids

Colleen Gonzalez - Founder of GROW Healthy Kids

About Our Founder

Colleen Gonzalez graduated from Rollins College with a BA degree in Organizational Behavior. For over ten years Colleen worked in the field of human resources. During her professional career she worked in the hospitality and medical industry as a generalist, manager, and director

In 2009, Colleen learned about a cross country running program at other schools and questioned why her children’s school did not participate. Colleen was informed that teachers must volunteer their time and fund their running teams. Simply put: no volunteers, no funds, no program. Colleen put together an action plan to ensure her children’s school could have a cross country running team. Over time, she became aware of other schools facing similar challenges because of not having experience, volunteers and supplies.

Colleen has used her background in Organizational Behavior and Training and Development to help empower parents, school staff and members of law enforcement to meet basic needs within Central Florida that help keep youth active and engaged in physical activity while also fostering positive relationships with trusted adults.

Since 2011, Colleen has received the following awards: