GROW Healthy Kids

GROW Healthy Kids


Our vision is to help develop the healthiest children by supporting grassroots welling initiatives that foster positive relationships between youth and trusted adults in our community.

These moving testimonies illustrate how we fulfill our mission, vision, and values. Together, we GROW healthy kids, and GROW healthy communities.

From: Valerie Lopez, Edgewater High School, Principal’s Secretary (Orange County)

Sent: December 9, 2021

It’s the Holiday season and here at our high school (identified students are asked if they need/want a lil something for the Holidays in ways of a season gift) we tell the kids it’s a random selection so we don’t upset anyone’s pride. I can tell you, every “wish” list students make have SHOES! as wants /needs. It’s wonderful that because of the GROW program we have shoes to offer them

Thank you for helping us help our students!

From the beginning of the year we have had students come to receive shoes so that they can participate in a sport, or have decent shoes so that their peers don’t make fun of them. When kids are younger the stigma of fitting in may not be as much as it is in High School – BUT high school students would rather not come to school if they don’t have the nice, proper fitting shoe. it’s SO important that students are afforded the opportunity to have a nice/great pair of shoes.

Thank you for all you do. We here at Edgewater High School thank you for blessing our students.

From: Sharon Hill, Stenstrom Elementary School, 5th Grade Teacher (Seminole County)

Sent: October 21, 2021

Dear Colleen,

Thank you so much for your generous donation of recess equipment to our classroom. The students are so excited to have some items to enjoy when we are outside! They are also very appreciative of the bookmarks you provided. I appreciate GROW Healthy Kids's investment in our students' lives by increasing the opportunity for them to be physically active. It's nice to have some ways to encourage them to engage in fun activities to better their physical and mental health. Thank you for your commitment to our students!


Sharon Hill

From: Mary Lynn Hess, k-5 STEM Resource Teacher, Goldsboro Elementary Magnet School (Seminole County)

Sent: October 25, 2021


On Friday I received my materials for my Run Club. GROW Healthy Kids is too kind. ❤️

It was just in time for our first practice today. I had 60 kids show up. I am super pumped! It's great to know parents value exercise as a part of raising a healthy child. One kid said to me after practice, "This is the best club ever!". That made my day.

GROW really does make a difference! Your determination, kindness, and belief in your program is much appreciated.

Thank you from all of us at GEMS.

Mary Lynn

From: Christine Peacock, Lake Orienta Elementary School, Principal (Seminole County

Sent: August 9, 2021

The work of GROW Healthy Kids has brought new life to our campus. Staff and students are thrilled to see how the recess playground, flagpole, and other common areas "pop" with color. LKO is forever grateful!

Mrs. Chris Peacock
Lake Orienta Elementary School

From: Beth Davalos, MSW, RPT-S, LCSW-S, School Social Worker, Seminole County Public Schools

Sent: March 29, 2021

Hi Colleen,

Thank you so much for the sneakers. I can't tell you how much it meant to this student and the timing was more than perfect. This student really needed this gift more than ever today. GROW Healthy Kids is a blessing!!!

Thank you so much!!

Best regards,
Beth Davalos MSW, RPT-S, LCSW-S
School Social Worker
Intervention Services
Student Support Services Department
Seminole County Public Schools